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Smart shape - Mandala
Bubber Box 1,2 kg Yellow
Bubber Box 1,2 kg White
Bubber Box 1,2 kg.. green
Bubber Box 1,2 kg. Purple
Bubber Box 1,2 kg. Red
Bubber Bucket 200 g Yellow
Bubber Bucket 200 g White
Bubber Bucket 200 g. Blue
Bubber Bucket 200 g. green
Bubber Bucket 200 g. Purple

Discover our range of moulding and building items. We have many cool products in this category.

For our modelling and moulding enthusiasts, we offer a range of modelling pastes from Mad Mattr®. This super-soft, mouldable compound can be used like clay but does not dry out. Kneading, building, pushing into shapes, so much fun!

Take also a look at our range of modelling sand such as Kinetic Sand® and Shape it!®. This magic sand does not dry out, is easy to work with and can be used in moulds.

Do you prefer making large and tall building structures? In that case, have a look at our wooden construction sets from Matador. Let your imagination run wild, fun for young and old!