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Odif Easy Air 200 g

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Odif Easy Air 200 g
Odif Easy Air 200 g. Odif Easy Air Odif allows you to safely clean the inside of sewing or embroidery machiness: bobbin case, hook, etc. Regular maintenance of this area, which is often cluttered, reduces problems of jamming, thread breakage... This aerosol dust remover is made of neutral, dry, non-flammable gas. It effectively removes any accumulated dirt in inaccessible areas of sewing devices. It will also be used for other equipment such as computers, printers... Manual Place the extension tube in the diffuser hole. Spray directly on the surface to be cleaned. Plus product Made in France. Precise spraying. Ideal for routine maintenance of sewing and embroidery machines. Non-flammable. Solvent free Spray distance Spray evenly from 5 cm away.


Product code
ODIF 43131
Room temperature 5°C tot 25°C in closed container
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