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ROBOTICS Add On: Omniwheels - 4 models - 331 parts

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ROBOTICS Add On: Omniwheels - 4 models - 331 parts
Additional set for Omniwheels for Robotics Base Set. Program your own robots using the fischertechnik Robotics Add On: Omniwheels. Alongside the Robotics Base Set, students can build four exciting omniwheel models just waiting to come to life. Builders can create driving robots to complete different tasks, like a football robot, a shooting robot that detects and shoots at a target, and a painting robot with a pencil it can raise and lower. One highlight of this building set are the omniwheels, which are operated by four encoder motors (two of which are included in the Base Set) and allow the robot to move in any direction. The camera included in the Base Set delivers image processing that allows the football robot, for instance, to detect a ball and shoot it at full force! The new fischertechnik TXT 4.0 Controller works with new ROBO Pro Coding programming software to offer a variety of new features. In addition to graphic programming in the Blockly library, it now also allows for programming using Python. The software is not dependent on any specific operating system, and can be used on mobile devices. The set also contains a servo motor. Top Facts: Robotics add-on set for Robotics TXT 4.0 Base Set Contains 331 components 4 quick-to-build model and 7 exciting experiments for secondary schools Printed building instructions included Suitable for group work of 2 to 4 pupils In the education set included: 1x Servo 2x Gear motor 4x Mecanum Omniwheels


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