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So much fun making your own Christmas decorations!

Moose Family as Christmas decoration

For each moose, take 3 wooden sticks. For mummy and daddy moose, we used the large wooden sticks. Apply some glue to the ends of the wooden sticks and form a triangle. Press firmly.

Provide the triangles with eyes, pompon (nose) and antlers (see construction photos).

For the hat decoration, we drew out different hats. Let your own imagination run wild! Draw your model on a piece of paper, cut it out. Place it on a piece of felt of your choice, then cut it out.

You can also add details: we used a bell and cut out extra shapes in felt.

You can use small scraps of felt to add a scarf.

Then attach a piece of twine or cord (length of your choice) at the top so you can hang the moose family in the Christmas tree or elsewhere in house or school.

2 March 2023