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No need to go outside to make your own snowman. So much fun to make your own winter creations indoors in the warmth.

Snowman in styrofoam

Pierce a wooden stick into a ball. Apply glue to the two styrofoam balls and attach them together. Press firmly.

Attach the hat to the top of the smallest ball with some glue.

Now make a face: apply the sticky eyes, attach the nose with some glue. Draw a mouth with a marker.

Make arms from a piece of craft pipe cleaners. Wrap some red string around the ends for the mittens. Make a loop from the ends and attach the broom.

Make a scarf using wool. We made a braid with three strips of wool.

Tip: want to transform it into a Christmas tree decoration? Thread a needle right through the hat. Tie a knot in it. Hang your snowman in the Christmas tree or use it as a decoration elsewhere in the house!

2 March 2023