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Cute homemade Christmas decoration with wooden sticks and mirror.

Mirror in wooden frame made of wooden sticks

Take 2 sticks of 15 cm. Apply some wood glue to the sticks. Glue these to the sides of the mirror. Do the same on the back of the mirror. Make sure the sticks are at the same height.

Take 1 stick of 15 cm. Apply some wood glue. Attach this crosswise at the bottom of the upright sticks. Do the same at the back.

Apply some wood glue on 1 a red wooden stick.

Glue it horizontally at the top of the mirror.

Apply wood glue to the ends of 2 remaining red sticks.

Form a triangle. Press well.

Attach wobbly eyes on the mirror.

Stick a piece of metal wire through the little bell, attach it to the top.

Then stick a round eva craft rubber shape. Your Christmas mirror is finished!

4 April 2023