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H2 Fuel Cell Car - 117 parts

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The cutting-edge technology as a construction kit. Hydrogen and fuel cells - one of the most promising energy technologies of recent years and a topic that the automotive industry has been dealing with for a long time. Because one thing is clear, we need alternative energies that will eventually replace the dwindling fossil fuels for vehicles. Future designers, engineers and scientists should deal with this important topic at an early stage. But also young explorers and researchers who want to try out something new all the time can discover exciting things in the field of alternative energies. This is where the "H2 Fuel Cell Car" kit from fischertechnik comes in handy. Because it's not just for tinkering and researching - with this kit, a fuel cell car can first be constructed and then set in motion with the help of hydrogen. Questions such as: "How does a fuel cell work and how can hydrogen be produced with it and used as a drive?" are answered simply and understandably with the help of the practical model. Using the electrolyser of the reversible fuel cell, for example, it can be observed how hydrogen and oxygen can be obtained from water, which in turn provide the electricity generation and the emission-free drive.The fuel cell experiment kit is suitable for children from 9 years and guarantees a clear learning effect in addition to fun and games. The knowledge acquired can also be deepened with extensive accompanying material on the subject of renewable energies, which is available online in the eLearning portal.Those who would like to discover even more exciting topic areas of renewable energies can build additional interesting models in connection with the "Green Energy" construction kit. Top Facts: Generation of hydrogen Use of hydrogen as propulsion technology 3V power supply included Award as 'TOP 10 Toy 2021' ('TOP 10 Spielzeug 2021') In the construction set included: 1x fuel cell 1x fuel cell motor


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